Hi, I’m Veasna, and food is my passion and my life.

I was born in Cambodia, raised in Los Angeles, and now I live in Ticino, Switzerland.

I breathe and live for food. I’m always learning and searching for new ways to introduce new flavours for my clients. I love to create something that’s not just tasty but also beautiful to look at: food is my signature, my art.

In my cooking I bring and mixture the tastes, the colours and the spirit of the places where I belong: Asia, America. Europe. Call it fusion, if you want.

I’ve always cooked, since I was just a little child. I still remember what my mom told me at 5 years old: “If you don’t know how to cook, no one’s going to marry you.” I guess it’s what moms tell to their daughters in every culture. And so it started.

In my spare time, I like to go to the forest and collect herbs, I studied bushcraft. I like gardening, flowers, I love to read, listening to music, writing poetry and drawing. I collect cookbook..and high heels!

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