This is my favourite fish because it’s catfish, but it’s called shark catfish. A lot of people don’t like catfish because it’s a bottom feader; I like it because it’s very tasty, not fatty like salmon, not flaky when when you cook it. And, finally, the smell is not fishy. So it’s a good fîsh to use for someone who doesn’t like fish.

This dish is very simple, I made it for my friend Nora who has to go to work at 12 o’ clock, so I’m going to have to finish cooking by 11.30 so you can eat and take your time.

Fish doens’t take too long to cook, so all I did was:

I dry seasoning using a spice that is store bougth, “Streu Mi” very common in every kitchen in Switzerland. I start with a pan with little olive oil and I pan-fried on both sides then I added cappers from Puglia (A friend brought for me), aneto (Translate). That’s it! It’s very simple. I served with jasmin rice (I’m asian, don’t forget); i don’t use lemon because cappers are salty and a little bit acid , depending on how they’re marinated. A long story with cappers, another story next time.

Enjoy it and tell me if you liked it!


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